How To Draw Manga

How to draw manga bodies

Body Proportion Check

When drawing the body, circles are your friends! It helps make your character look round and more realistic. There are many proportions to manga, from drawing long legs to large heads, however everything needs to be within reason. Here are some quick tips to check your proportions, no mtter what your style.


Make Your Characters Move!

Too often we tend to draw characters in the same pose over and over again It’s boring! Stop it! No seriously right now STOP! In action posing there is this principle called the line of action. It conveys the movement of the spine. It should never be S shaped. It’s just one curved line. If your line of action is straight then your character’s pose is BORING. Draw stick figures before you draw to make sure the line of action is at least curved.


Avoid Stiff Poses

Even if you were to draw a character just standing around, you can still make them look interesting. Even when character stands it should say something about their personality. Do they slouch? How is their chin angled? Where are their hands? how far apart are their feed?


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