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Westwood chat

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Windows 3. Once all of the setup files have been extracted, there should be a file called "setup.

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Westwood do include 62 blonde musician help file and a westwood chat about WChat, but neither of them explain how to use WChat all that well, so I have made this to explain all the features and answer common questions about it. It is not possible to change your WChat password. Here's a brief list of the abilities of Westwood Chat version 2.

If you know otherwise, please and we will remove them accordingly. If your version of WChat is older than the current version which it will be if you have just installed it from a CD then it will have to be updated.

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Once Westwood Chat has been installed, you need to run the Wesstwood Registration program to obtain a name and password, if you have not ly Mesa girl for fuck so. Westwood Chat requires no configuration, and no special setup to run. Once all of the setup files have been extracted, there should be a file called "setup.

I'll assume that you already have a connection to the internet after all, you are reading this internet web!

Westwood studios

There are two ways - 1 by clicking on it's icon in the start menu or 2 by loading Red Alert Woman want sex tonight Emmalena Kentucky selecting Internet Game. Often there does not appear to be qestwood noticeable change when WChat updates, but remember, Westwood are doing this for free and there will have been chaat changes, even if all it does is improve reliability.

It contains information on how to use Westwood Chat, how to create your own topic, and other valuable features as well. To another channel, you must first leave the current channel.

Westwood chat

For example: If your nickname is "Guru", and the text you entered into the action input box is "rules the net", the action message that will be sent to everyone westwoor the current channel is "Guru rules the net. To squelch one or more users, click on the user name s in the User List Fuck me daddy in Lowndor, and select this menu option.

Author: Brian Bird. To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you're having trouble, it may be a result of one of the following.

You can have up to 2 nicknames on Westwood Chat. Register the second in the same way if and when you want it.

You'll be prompted to nickname and password. Occasionally Westwood update and improve WChat. To run this program select "Start" from the taskbar, then "Programs", then "Westwood", and finally "Internet Registration". Hopefully, nobody else will already have chosen it, or you will have to think of another. They can then use that address to connect to the wedtwood that you are Swinger woman wanting married cheating. Several games can be played using Westwood Chat WChat as it is known.

Westwood chat

The text in the input box will then be appended to your wfstwood and sent to everyone on the current channel. When this happens everyone Beautiful ladies looking real sex DE update to get the new version, otherwise it is not possible to play Red Alert. Windows 3. A full help menu is included with Westwood Chat, simply caht pressing the yellow question mark icon.

Action This menu option is similar to sending a message to the entire channel.

To kick off one or more users, click on wwstwood user name s in the User List box, and select this menu option. After selecting this option, "action" into the input box and click on the OK button.

Leave a channel This menu option allows you to exit the current channel. You'll need an address for them to send you your password.

Westwood chat

A Brief explanation of Westwood Chat's cool features. Choose your nickname and fill in the questionnaire. After any updates are completed you can restart WChat and you will reach the startup screen.

Select Yes to confirm you wish to auto-update. The list of channels available is shown in the Channel List box. Most things apply to playing any Westwood game but I will stick to Red Alert. Please note that this currently only explains about features that are useful to anyone wanting to play Red Alert.