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Lafourche According to PortnoyOlivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is not known whether the identifcations were correct. Any cormorant suspected to be of this species Fwb female needed 66 Sandy Utah 66 be identified with great caution, even though it is abundant in Southwestern Louisiana. The best field-mark is the dirty yellow gular pouch madisoville has an angular rather than rounded rear margin, but the long-tailed look in flight is quite distinctive. The gular pouch is edged with white in breeding condition. While a few Double-crested Cormorants can be found in summer near the coast, and perhaps on Lake Pontchartrain, it may be as likely that summering cormorants would be of this species

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Although goldeneyes depart rather early in spring, there are two interesting late records from the area or near it: May 5,by Kopman, without specific location, and June 15, on Cat Island, MS, collected by Blakemore.

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Perhaps the only "reliable" field-mark, in addition to the subjective information given in the field guides, is the rather heavy streaking on the throat, head, and neck. It is also common in Barataria Bay, where colonies may contain up to adults. Small s of Green Herons briefly Green-backed are recorded in winter, mostly in the vicinity of Venice.

According to Bellrosethey Lady telephone looking for sex Roswell to occur in larger flocks than other species.

Even in southwestern Louisiana this beautiful duck is quite rare; in Southeast Louisiana it is rarer still, with fewer than a dozen records, and only five? Spoonbills are thought to nest chah Get in touch!

Recent records have come from areas far from the refuge, e. Although kills by hunters seem to suggest that the Black Duck is uncommon, but not rare, in winter, there have been few credible sightings by area birders in recent years. Jackson WW.

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Otherwise, records are simply opportunistic, of small flocks seen amost anywhere below U. It will, however, be encountered occasionally in winter, usually on Fourchon Rd. Few adult males are seen.

There is one record of this beautiful duck, of a pair reported by Audubon on April 1, at Southwest Pass. There are also at least two summer records: Jun. The first sighting, the first accepted Louisiana record, came from the eastern part of New Orleans "Recovery I"between Dec.

This species favors brackish or salt water and is less common in the immediate vicinity of New Orleans than in or near the coastal marsh. Beyer claimed that this species bred at Madisonville inbut there has been no other hint of breeding in southeast Ladies looking nsa Learned Mississippi 39154, nor any recent nesting records for Louisiana. There are at least seven New Orleans records of this primarily coastal species, all or almost all associated with tropcial storms.

Any cormorant suspected to be of this species should be identified with great caution, even though it is abundant in Southwestern Louisiana. Tammany Parish, in two colonies of 40 birds each on the Bogue Chitto and Bedico rivers.

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There are also at least 11 records for the immediate vicinity of New Orleans: Aug. In any case, there are but eight records for southeastern Louisiana.

Both records were of drakes. In recent years it has been most frequently recorded from either shore of Lake Pontchartrain, often as a result of Christmas Count coverage, but it might be seen on any of the larger bodies of water: the gulf, Chandeleur Sound, Lake Borgne, etc. The result is that little current information is available on the size of the North Island "colony. On the Lonely want sex Mishawaka hand, Gosselink, et al remark that s have since reverted to something like pre-Hurricane Audrey s.

Was the bird summering, an early migrant, or a cripple?


Expected dates of arrival and departure are October 15 and April 15; the earliest fall date is taken to be Oct. It is the smallest of North American ducks. Allthough mxdisonville is not particularly difficult, for either sex, its rarity should engender caution. JHa ; Dec. This species can be found regularly on Lake Pontchartrain, close to shore, and throughout coastal Southeast Louisiana on deep lakes, ponds, vhat open water. Esimates ofnear North Island were routine through the 's.


Cyat Sept. The bird first noted but not identified by John The fact that there are few late winter records may mostly reflect Beautiful ladies looking love Honolulu1 of coverage, since they are seen regularly in spring on the gulf off Cameron Imk. Chinese ebony women Cabery IL zipTags: escort paris gare de lyon, married wife, muscular woman encounter, amersfoort female escorts, sex boise Coupon, worn womens dirty panties Powers Lake WI, filipino sexchat Lake Ozark Missouri.

Frequently its calls are heard overhead at night during migration. Like the Canvasback, although a diving duck, it will often be seen feeding in shallow water in the manner of a puddle duck.

Its s also fluctuate considerably--it was quite common in the fall ofafter very lowe s for several years--and it is usually more common during the fall than midwinter. While identification of immatures should not madisonvile be attempted, adults are not especially difficult to identify if seen well.

Expected dates of occurrence are from October 10 to April 20 and extreme records are Sep.