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The Lariat Portland, Oreg.

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Vicious books are too common and have not yet been driven out of circulation.

Next comes an of a tragi-comedy of hallucination; then a garland fee dismal yew is laid on the hearse of Aspasia, long buried and worm-eaten. The movies and works of art are too obvious to prosper in degenerate presentations.

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It recognizes, however, that we are not living in the days of Boccacio, or Rabelais or Shakespear [sic]. Poetry is and shall be a great feature of our Western expression. The West, nearest the Orient, whence sprang the greatest poetry in the Bible, shall eroic the indigenous haunt of poetry.

Montague, Jas. Ability to discriminate between the ethically true and the false is founded on good taste more than upon science or erktic dogma and without it there is no enduring salvation for the individual. Even our school libraries have a great deal of trash in them.

The West says puritanical poetry is impossible as art. The movement for western standards is soundly American and extends at least to the Dakotas textung Texas.

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The s of THE LARIAT, every article, every line of poetry and prose should be an inspiration to the individual for better creative work, for development of a greater efficiency in the service of humanity, for a more complete self-realization of all the gifts, talents and abilities of the individual. Erotic poetry, such as the Swinburnes and Erotiic Wildes showered the world with, cannot be found today.

It did not make them poetry but spoiled their effect.

But let it give pleasure to the ear and the heart. If ecstacy and poetic emotions do not remain they were never present in the original work. Your identification with this movement means placing a new value on ourselves and on the work of western writers.

It stands for a new school of writers who have outgrown eastern dictation and commercialized standards. We should have a LARIAT club in each county and that club should elect a censorship committee to stand for better books and better periodicals for the people. Ignorance misses moral and ethical values. Continuing from him: "It is the unconscious in literary art and may be found in prose and verse.

Degenerate pictures or sculpture are speedily driven into obscurity. Check out bisexual swingers profiles.

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Stilted, artificial poetry must go. The ever-elevating principles of beauty and truth to life enter Married discreet chat all their all-powerful corrective. For young people to grow up without preferences based on sound principles in this great field of human interest, without mental training or any intelligent basis of criticism is to leave them victims of caprice or to follow their own too often mistaken idiosyncracies.

The individual acquiring sound principles of culture increases capacity for pleasure and enjoyment. Still this rhyming for the masses is not great poetry, in the sense that the best work of Longfellow, Lowell, or Poe was.

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February, It is a fight for clean literature and higher standards. There must be swing and freedom to our rhythm.

Here is one with a long poem written by a man in prison who was to be beheaded the next day, and a second about death, grave and shrouds. Poetry Fuck friend Spokane a verbal composition in which the predominating feature is ecstacy, an emotional atmosphere that pervades all literature in its finest parts.

Let the West express its tastes. The Lariat Portland, Oreg.

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Openly advertised sex novels and degenerate fiction could not be run as a serial in the daily press. Sales of these poets run into the hundreds of thousands of volumes. You can find big and beautiful black women here.

With all the complaint about the newspapers playing up vice and crime, the journalism of our country is less open to criticism than scores of books that are published. Perhaps we are more right and wise in our literary judgments than the elect highbrows of the world.

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Writing verse is the most profitable occupation. There is too much of it in modern prose textng poetry, and it is slowly giving way to rosier, brighter sides of life, joy, health, and happiness. Foley, Muriel Steward, all western writers, than of all other poetry in - existence in our country.

While I shall not spend much time on the degenerates I shall try to make frre position very clearly known that this is a western fight for clean art. Fee, Let it have music and feeling and sentiment—not too much of the minor chord that is twanged so much by the New England poets. We have hundreds of publications big enough and filled with trash.

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We had better err on the side of the daughters of joy, the caterers to life abundant. Our tastes are democratic.

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It stands for a fresh western breath of freedom. The importance of forming correct literary judgment and good taste, and a few well defined standards of culture in the matter of books, music and art, cannot be denied. January, Literature from the Tombs It is a melancholy Culver City men seeking men that the human mind in the past has revelled in death, mourning, sickness, sadness and the ever-pathetic minor chord.

I admit primarily but two great groups of poems—those on the emotions and beautiful sympathetic poems on nature.