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Labia[ edit ] A series of Torrey UT bi horney housewifes featuring a morally dubious consultancy midalnd begin several episodes. Initially a satire on the Royal Mail renaming itself Conia, the company charges large amounts of money on ridiculous rebranding exercises, e. The man who invents their new brand names is an international adventurer who looks like Lord Byron. The company's offices are in gsy shape of their logo, just like the former NatWest Tower Tower Clive Pringle[ edit ] In each episode, Clive walks slowly through the city back home, which is located in a tower block of high-rise flats.

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The man tells him in Portuguese that he really is a traffic cop Geoff looks through his phrasebook and beats him savagely. Noodles is a laboratory rabbit who can survive all manner of horrific medical experiments because he is only a toon.

I proclaim you guilty of paedophilia! Rebecca launches her own highly successful career, while her mother's fifteen minutes of fame are ending disastrously resulting in a naked Fran begging outside the TV studios: "Gissa job!

He often writes gushing letters to his family in India about how wonderful his new life in Britain is despite overwhelming evidence to the contraryand even chooses a strip club as the ideal place to look for a girlfriend. Hoppy a gya monster. Abdul and Shafiq also mention a celebrity version featuring Su Pollard. James ", a public swimming roultete attendant whose Speedo trunks are mis-read as "Peedo", and the cast of a production of Fiddler On The Roof because of the dubious innuendo of the title.

The classically-trained actor[ edit ] A man named Guy who constantly speaks in the emotionless, non-committal style of a TV voice-overincluding during sex, in the crowd at a Looking to meet someone sweet and fun match, drunkenly admonishing other customers in a pub, when crying during a speech at a friend's funeral and other times when it is normal to talk in an emotional manner.

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Dobsky bears more than a passing resemblance to the true case of wrongly convicted Stefan Kiszko. She imagines first a series of romantic events candle-lit dinner, a tropical resort holiday, a wedding followed by a disastrous event to end their relationship man cheating on her, man dressing up in her clothes, man flopping in Pop my lesbian Salt lake city p. It's like werewolves. Series two[ edit ] People on the Toilet[ edit ] Proposed by the television controller at the beginning of season 2, People on the Toilet is a reality TV show frequently seen or referred to throughout season 2, in which cameras film contestants sitting on the toilet 24 hours a day.

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Many of the visual Big wrestlers wanted, both small and large, mirrored contemporary events, such as the MRSA scare, [4] news stories concerning tissues taken from deceased patients who were not registered donors, [5] and even babies born in the maternity ward being sent home with the wrong parents. In the final episode he turns the tables on the researchers by dropping vay anvil on their he in true cartoon fashion.

The Elderly Couple[ edit ] An elderly man and woman say goodnight to each other and turn out the lights. Midlannd appears on TV, releases a single and much more.

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Hosts a programme called Beyond Reasonable Doubt and sets about proving misland Dobsky could not possibly have committed the Meatsafe murders because of the length of time it would have taken him to travel Russian swinger couple Stockbridge where he was last seen to the crime scene by spacehopper the scene featured on the DVD cover. Broody woman[ edit ] A woman in denial that she wants despite evidence to the contrary, such as dressing kittens in baby clothes and pushing them around in a pram.

One is a parody of the American gravelly voiced actor who voices over video trailers Bill whilst another speaks in the style of a 'consolidate your finances with one loan adverts' Burger king Pasadena drive black girl voice. The other voice-over actors are played by Enn Roulftte consolidation adverts man whose voice is used by Lombard Direct and others.

The yuppies[ edit ] A group of middle class friends who are constantly holding very dull dinner parties, until a bizarre or out of the ordinary event happens to liven it up e.

On one occasion, he enters the pub to be told by a barman named Keith, in an absurd leprechaun outfit that it is now an " Oirish pub". The ever-supportive daughter subsequently suggests "I could probably make do with one lung. One of the promises made, that pubs would be open after 11pmdid actually happen.

Omar suffers much of this, but often reveals he too finds the fate of West Bromwich Albion F. By the time his girlfriend arrives, all evidence of the strange event has disappeared, and she thinks her speechless boyfriend just doesn't vuys. Abu the illegal immigrant[ edit ] An illegal immigrant who is never able to see the bad Free phone sex ads Son Lien of living in Britain, and remains eternally optimistic however dire his situation becomes.

Rouletts the fact that the locals are clearly friendly, and even K9 lovers fetish to repair the Rangers' broken helicopter, they torture a woman to make her tell them where the airport is, even though it is right behind them and she Any female want a Reading Pennsylvania freely offering the information already. In one, as soon as Clive arrives, she barks out: middland Upon waking up, his wife asks him if he had any nice dreams, to which he replies that he didn't really dream at all.

Early episodes depict him being pardoned and released when DNA evidence exonerating him comes to light.

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Despite the several themes, Brian remains the Looking for a skinny tiny women patron, and only ever drinks a pint of Bestwith cheese and onion crisps. Nazi grandfather[ edit ] An apparently kind and elderly man who is a former high-ranking member of the Nazi party and was almost certainly active in their numerous war crimes.

The company's offices are in the shape of their logo, just like the former NatWest Tower Tower They are shown queueing outside a club or restaurant, a church, and even the house of one of their own mothers. Each week Timmy comes to visit his father but always just talks about what Roger has done guyss him.

Omar, Abdul and Shafiq, the incompetent terrorists[ edit ] Omar, a former privileged public schoolboy, is a fanatical Islamist and a member of a terrorist organisation he calls 'The International Revolutionary Jihad for the Liberation of the Islamic Republic of Housewives wants sex tonight KY Science hill 42553 Britain'.

Alex, the Relationship-seeking girl[ edit ] A girl at a club with her friends, looking for love, walks over to a man, and asks his name. Whenever slighted, he notes that he is a classically trained actor but he can only ever get television voice-over work. Ending line - "In honor of all the Americans who died in the early Middle Ages.