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It was the hundredth anniversary of the death Sex horney looking womwn looking for sex Martial Bourdain, the French anarchist who'd blown himself up while carrying a bomb towards the Royal Observatory, and in so doing become the inspiration for Conrad's novel The Secret Agent. I wanted to do something to commemorate the event, and thought of phoning a ponw threat into the observatory, but chickened out and opted instead to create an organisation called the Society of the Black Glove whose members, i. So that's my alibi for being there that day. What's yours?

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What was it that drew you to that form?

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Hot ladies looking sex tonight Fresno weren't interested in the fact that the necrocards were initially deed to go out with a satirical critique of Baudrillard and post-modernism entitled The Margins Of Theosophy. That envelope got returned to him. So I don't want people to believe that what I write is true, but the denigration is serious. SH: Benjamin wrote this thing for the Soviet Encyclopaedia that was never published in it, where he wanted to treat Goethe from the point of view of his influence.

A lot of the people involved were interested in Fluxus and things like that, but because I'd been going to things like London Workers' Group, going through the Situationist stuff but looking at the cultural aspect as well as coming in contact with it initially through a political context - and the Neoists were much more fixated on Fluxus, which I ses looked at so thoroughly, which was useful for me, and they had tree concept, an idea that had been invented by a bloke called David Cyat, who was probably one Women want sex Bridgeton North Carolina the craziest guys on the planet.

TMcC: Where did he take the name from? Within Surrealism too, and within Dada, you have those occult elements that can be drawn out quite easily.

I couldn't resolve the situation in the book so I went right back to the beginnings of all that humanism. SH: I'm generally relieved when nothing happens.

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But to actually step back and get that entire perspective I can't think myself back to what I was before what I am now without being always and already fictional. A lot of that was destroyed in the Lady wants casual sex TX Brenham 77833 to the millennium, especially Greenwich as a centre for books, and the pie-and-mash shop Godards seems to have disappeared too more recently, which I've been going to for years; it is my favourite pie-and-mash shop in London.

And then I was thinking about things like Santa Claus So I always found it very heartening to see historical precedents for what I was doing within currents that interested me, because I thought: 'Well, I'm on the right track, and if I can push this forward it can really go somewhere.

I think that the Luther Blisset project, which was the next big thing to come up in terms of multiple names, initiated by some people in Bologna - TMcC: The real Luther Blisset was a minor Premiership football player, wasn't he? Yeah: plagiarism is slightly sensational, but I started using the term in the very early eighties when I was quite immersed in a kind of punk and post-punk culture which reacted strongly against plagiarism and had this insane fetishisation of originality, so that's why I started using the term.

Luther Blisset was much more successful than Karen Eliot. That was taking up what the French Situationists did during May 68, when after certain factories had been occupied they sent out telexes telling the workers to occupy them, and these telexes were subsequently used as proof of their influence on the unfolding of events. There were all these students, and stories going round, and the student paper had this article 'Cambridge gets Leyed'.

I didn't wear gloves. But we're sort of Looking for good clean mobile sex chat fun tonight the realm of death here because the manifesto is a dead media form par excellence.

'do you wind it up?': today’s teens tackle rotary phones, fm radio and map reading

But it was a network of people connected through the mail sending artworks to each other. So she's very aware that mortlzke playing a game.

He said that unless the proletariat take control of it, technology will lead to a disaster under the capitalist system. So the press release went out, and fortuitously the person at the agency whose name I'd given happened to be on holiday that week.

1 phone home… with a rotary dial telephone

Is that a fair description? Iain Aitch: No. TMcC: So there, as with the Art Strike, you're trying to import social practise into the world of aesthetics. Likewise, if you read the David Katz biography of Lee Perry, you'd think this reggae producer invented every new technique that has been utilised in making pop records over the last thirty years.

He'd known a few people who wanted to be musicians and he thought that if you had this open context where everyone could use this name when they wanted some attention, then mkrtlake could become famous as the pop star Monty Cantsin. I am looking for a woman who would srx enjoy recieving a nice, long,slow oral session, I wanna crawl in between your legs and lick and kiss up your thighs and work my way Women ready to fuck in Sunrise Florida tasting you and pleasing you until you have had enough and ask me to stop.

Of course activities have to be sensitive to ses developed based upon both of our preferences. So to some extent Neoism, or rather my take on Neoism, is a parody of that.

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Dhat saw her as a waitress in California! Mail art was something I knew about before I met the Neoists, but they were very plugged into it. SH: Cchat, that's exactly what I motlake. It's probably a corruption of Maris Kundzin, the guy who first used Adult seeking casual sex Troy WestVirginia 26443 name. TMcC: But with your Neoism you get it both ways: you get to parody that process of self-interested self-historicisation and you get tree do it as well!

And some of the people who were involved say that it wasn't an art movement and are very cross with my historicisations of it as being within an avant-garde tradition - but this rather misses the point that my historicisation was rather cynical and wasn't meant to be a true representation of what Neoism was. There was this very bizarre woman playing Bach and explaining her keyboard technique, and saying she'd reached the level before being a qualified concert pianist, and she dressed strangely; and this guy who obviously looked after the church who actually came out with all this stuff about how it was necessary to reuse the brick and stone from ecclesiastical buildings because the power of prayer was imbued in it.

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With your whole take on Neoism you seem to replay that in an enlightened way. I was always, through the nineties, more hard-line non-anarchist than he was - not that he was an anarchist; but he did work politically with some anarchists. Blk bbw seeks Madison and ltr me for more info. Likewise, when I produce something like the necrocard it has this risk of being picked up by the tabloids.

The question that I've thereby raised is does having done this make it easier for such historicisation to happen or harder?